Saturday, March 1, 2014


     The Bible study group that meets in our home each Sunday evening recently considered I Corinthians 5 as we were proceeding through that epistle.  Paul is addressing a moral problem in the Corinthian congregation and concludes his remarks by noting in 5:12 that believers are to judge those within the church and not the outsiders.
     The verses in the fifth chapter may be a clear reminder to those of us who have named the name of Christ to ask ourselves some questions.  If we are opposed to abortion, for instance, should we not be teaching our children the doctrine of creation because it is estimated that one out of six abortions are performed for professed believers?
     Or, if we are concerned about the lack of prayer in the public domain, have we taken time to pray with our children before school and at home as a family?  And, if we are concerned about the lack of morals in the public realm, what are we teaching our families and our congregations about sin and redemption and the person and work of Christ?
     Every Christian is responsible to know what he or she believes and to obey God's truth, with the help of the Spirit that was given to us upon our conversion.  To talk of the conflicts and immorality of our society without looking at ourselves is diverting attention from self.  There will always be a difference between those who are in Christ and those who are in the world.  Our calling, as believers, is to uphold the truth about God, Christ, and the church.  We are to "let our light shine..." so that God alone may be glorified!

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